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Club Vamp Allyson James

Club Vamp

Allyson James

35 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Club VampElloras CavemenSeasons of Seduction Vol. 1ISBN 9781419956232This story was not printed as a stand alone novel.When master vampire Kenelm sees Helena Girard, he knows shes the one destined to restore him to power. He sends his lover, Adam Chase, to bring her to his club. Helena is instantly smitten with gorgeous Adam, but knows she cant be with him because of the deadly electricity her body sends off when she orgasms.Kenelm demonstrates he can siphon off her power so she can make love to Adam — as long as he is with them. Helena revels in the excitement of both of them, until the deadly Guardians attack, revealing the truth about who she is.